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Sumisura: the new adjustable in height shower channel


Sumisura is the new adjustable shower channels that completes the OMP TEA range of drains for built-in showers .

It is characterized, mainly, by its innovative technical characteristics: in addition to being adjustable in length, it can also be extended thanks to special fittings that, allow you , to compose multiple drains, in a single solution, with a totally customized length.

Sumisura combines a clean and minimal taste, thanks to the small width of its grid, with very high quality technical, constructive and installation characteristics.
The wellness areas and modern design floor showers find in this OMP TEA item a functional and elegant element , with unique dimensional and installation flexibility.

The technical solutions adopted by OMP TEA with Sumisura, make this shower channel adaptable to any roughness of the laying surfaces, reducing the screed thickness as well as obtaining a perfect seal, thanks to the thin bed waterproofing.
The easy maintenance given by the removable siphons that facilitate periodic cleaning, completes the technical features of this unique product.

1. AISI316 stainless steel grid adjustable in height for tiles thickness from 7 to 22 mm
2. Adjustable from 430 minimum to 1200 mm maximum length
3. Thin bed system perimetric waterproofing
4. Removable trap for cleaning
5. Room under floor 80 mm
6. Sliding and adjustable in height supports to ease the installation useful with any length
7. Supplied complete with the cutting template for the channel and grid
8. Special joints allow to assemble more channels to extend the drain length or increase the drainage
9. Dry-spot: drainage point for the water filtered through the flooring

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