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OMP S.p.A. is a company of Brescia that it has presented since 1957 on the national and international drainage sanitary panorama, with warehouse in Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

The turnover has been gradually developed and actually half of it is realized on the Italian market, where there are about 30 purchasing sales agents and delegates who act as promoters. They carry out an efficient action at our applicant customers dealers. The customers are on average draining wholesaler dealers. They sometimes are united among them. Besides we supply bathroom furniture producers or various kinds of sanitary and similar goods exporters. The same thing happen for the other part of the turnover, the exportation one.

In 2001 We opened the warehouse “Pronto Italia”, it has ten 9,60 mt height shelves for 2100 pallet places and it’s leaded by radio-frequency terminals system with the managerial software package. Off-center warehouse are located in Germany, Spain and France. OMP attends some exhibitions in Italy (Mostra Convegno Expocomfort and Cersaie) and abroad (ISH Frankfurt, Big5 Dubai and KBS Shanghai). Thank to the continuous investments in structures, the production is performed in two different places: in the Lumezzane site, where there is the mechanical division, that make all the mechanical manufactures. And the Bione site, where we have the offices, shipment warehouse and the division of plastic presswork, tube manufacture and products packing.

In the middle of the 50s OMP started off with a almost hand-crafted production and during the so-called economic boom, it distinguished itself in the Italian and European market. The OMP’s primary specialization is the production of traps and wastes, that, at the beginning, were produced only in best quality brass alloy. But since 30 years the production has been expanded to the plastic materials, as PP, PeHD e ABS.
In the new century the production has became more and more wide-ranging including the design items and the shower drainages for the floor, satisfying the market demand for niche products.


OMP TEA is a company with quality system ISO 9001 certified by SQS


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