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Company policy

OMP has been producing traps, wastes and other sanitary drainage systems since 1957.

Efficient at the right time, in line with the corporate guidelines aimed to achieve an effective and efficient organization capable of meeting the needs of the interested parties involved, our company has adopted, maintains and researches the continuous improvement of its quality management system , allowing us to:

  • Identify and monitor current and future needs and respect the expectations of customers and stakeholders;
  • Identify and monitor possible business risks as well as development and improvement opportunities;
  • To guarantee:
    • constant training for all internal and external collaborators according to their specific position in the company;

    • more frequent involvement of all internal and external collaborators as a fundamental prerequisite for the continuous improvement of the organization and service;

    • the ideas and proposals for improvement must be favored;

    • the pursuit of “Quality is doing the right things from the first time” even if it involves a greater initial commitment, as it would lead to a reduction of corrections over time, monitoring of the rejects, quantification of non-quality costs.

    • that the administrator, starting from the needs of the customer and those of the market, can annually define a business improvement plan, specifying the corporate and individual objectives that each manager develops and completes, on the basis of what is indicated and as far as its own competence.

The Management considers also of fundamental importance to guarantee:

  • attention to the enhancement and involvement of staff, for a wide use of current and potential skills;

  • that business decisions are made on the timely analysis of reliable data and by the continuous monitoring of the analysis of the business context as well as of the possible risks and / or business opportunities;

  • flexibility to customer and stakeholder requests;

  • the continuous research and the constant selection allow to offer maximum safety in the choice, thanks to high quality standards, variety of range and product reliability;

  • constant attention and prevention towards the protection of health and occupational diseases as well as towards the safety of its workers and collaborators;

  • environmental protection and pollution prevention;

  • the compliance with applicable regulations and client requirements

  • awareness that continuous improvement of processes, product innovation and the search for innovative materials is essential to remain competitive;

  • setting up mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers;

  • attention to the market and the expansion of the product range;

  • quality and reliability of the production.

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